From Moo To Me

Bring your business cards they said.  I was invited to attend the National Mumprenuer Conference (Yes, and awards but that’s another blog post) along with entrepreneurs, celebrities and my fella.  I was so looking forward to it and planned to maximise this opportunity to the hilt.  Lots of my target readership all rounded up in the one place for an entire day. Fantastic! As I fished out my business cards though, I realised that they were all for my Blonde PR business, no mention of That Welsh Blonde at all. Ahh.. Crap!  I googled immediately.

Six weeks later and my suitcase was packed in full ‘mum on the loose’ essentials (Don’t play coy – we all know its sassy clothes, foxy undies and half the nightstand draw 😉  ready for two nights in a Warwickshire hotel, close to the event venue.  Babysitter booked and I was good to go.

The day before we were to leave, a text pinged in from DHL to say that my Moos had arrived and I could now collect from my nearest Ryman store.  Phew. I’d paid for express delivery but  was really cutting it fine.

At Ryman, I handed over my delivery info and they passed me back a massive, floppy parcel.  “Err.. I don’t think this is mine”.  We checked the label; yep, From Moo to Me.  I refused to sign for it and instead opened the parcel.  WTF??? A gigantic, weird, purple/ pinky, bumpy leathery beanbag’ish kinda thing – inflated it must look like a swollen scrotum after a 10 hour porn shoot!!

Frantic calls to DHL did not go well. The dude insisted that the fault was with, despite me telling him that Moo does not make bloody beanbaggy things. So next I called Moo and prayed that the American woman who was dealing with my desperate pleads was not sat at her desk in AMERICA since I was on my mobile in BRITAIN.  Argghh..  Have to say though that she was absolutely lovely.  She refunded my delivery charges and sent out a new batch of business cards which I would receive by Monday. MONDAY!!! Too flaming late…Argghh..

I admit, I got a bit tearful then. Massive networking opportunity, professional business contacts & me with no cards.  So, I did what all good bloggers would do…. I let fly my first ever Twitter rant.

My First Twitter Rant

Post vent, I was calm enough to put on my PR head.  I thought to myself ‘How can I turn this around?’  Huge event…Celebrities…Photographers…  Blog to promote….I know… I need Matalan!

I bought Matalan’s finest plain black t-shirt then headed to my local printers.  “I need this shirt to become my business card on the front” I stated, giving my social media, email and blog deets etc.  Then I flipped the tshirt over. “Right. On the back I need hashtag, DHLLostMyBusinessCards.  I had no doubt that with all the photos that would be taken that day, my t-shirt rant would go nationwide!!  Although I was gutted about my cards, I was pleased with my plan.

It meant ditching my lovely new outfit in favour of a sandwich board style t-shirt but at least people would remember me; plus it would be a talking point for my new anti-DHL twitter campaign.  If the DHL dude on the phone hadn’t been so arsey, then I wouldn’t have been so angry but at that point I was just soo pissed off!

“Shaa-Ting ..just got a text message – ooshh” screamed my Keith Lemon text tone.  I opened it up and there was a DHL message. ‘I’m outside your house with your parcel’  OMG!! Yaaay…& Nooo, but Yaaay…errmmmm…..  I shot back into the printers “STOOOPPPP”

Dues to them

At the event, I wore my TShirt with @ThatWelshBlonde on the chest and my blog address on the back. It was rant-free.  I got lots of compliments on the t-shirt and it did get photographed to death. The bigger part of me was so happy that I had my Moo cards, which everyone agreed were fab & the other part of me, the PR chick, was bummed out at an opportunity lost.

The reality is though, I would have felt poo if I had actually gone ahead with my twitter assault.  The people at Moo and DHL had gone to a lot of effort to fix the situation for me and I would have had a far lower opinion of myself if I had crapped on them in order to get attention for myself!  That said though…. my latest EBay delivery is taking way too long….hhmmm..

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  1. Your MOO cards are way better. Your illustration always makes me smile when I see it.


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