Missing My Cat Jackson

My poor cat Jackson is missing.  I have not seen my beloved moggie in a week and I am utterly heartbroken!


Jackson having morning cuddles

As a family, we chose Jackson from the animal rescue in Trelogan.  As we pulled into North Clwyd Animal Rescue, Hubby made it explicitly clear that he was not having another cat, as we were all still grieving for Ziggy, Hubby’s cat from a previous relationship whom we had found in his old age ‘forever sleeping’ state a few weeks earlier. “I don’t want any cat unless its got a face like thunder, daft as a brush and no tail” my man had declared.  So, we pretty much abandoned the idea of a cat at that point.

In the cat rooms, we looked at all the fuzzy faces meowing at us through their windows and the kids begged to cuddle each one in turn.  Hubby grimly avoided eye-contact with the felines and looked over his shoulder. That’s when he saw Jackson.  Face like a Grumpy Cat calendar, he was rubbing himself frantically along his window, begging to say hello.  Hubby’s resolution cracked just enough to agree to a cuddle.  As he held Jackson, the puss smushed him so affectionately that the cat seemed practically drunk!  “Look, Look” the kids had pointed triumphantly “Jackson has no tail”.  That was it. Face like thunder – tick.  Daft as a brush – tick. No tail – tick.  Grab yer catnip Jacko – you’ve pulled.
Ziggy and my Son

For two years, I have been woken up with affectionate smushing, so enthusiastic that Jackson regularly falls off the bed. His grumpy face I have discovered, has a smile if you look at him in profile. He has followed my every footstep, including on the stairs which is bloody dangerous. Jackson has lived up to his daft reputation by jumping in the sink to get within cuddle range, balanced like a tightrope walker on bars for treats and basically wrapped himself round my neck like a scarf at every given opportunity. Until last week…

One morning he wasn’t home for breakfast. I thought it unusual since he never wanders far from the garden and has never missed a meal.  To-date, he has missed 6 breakfasts and I have missed his little face to the point of heartbreak.


I miss this furry face!

Each day, we have knocked on neighbours doors, called all the animal shelters, RSPCA, walked miles in every direction calling for him and flooded Twitter and Facebook with appeals for people to check their sheds and garages in case he is trapped inside.  Nothing.  A few friends have been kind enough to share my messages but most haven’t bothered.  I guess all this fuss for a cat seems …I don’t know, childish? pathetic? Sad?  Well Yes, I am sad, very, very sad!

I’ve wondered constantly what might have happened to him. Is he trapped somewhere? Is he sick or been poisoned like a number of local cats have been recently? Is he lost or simply out on the razz? Has he smushed someone so affectionately that they decided to keep him? For sure, that person wont know about all of Jacksons allergies and food intolerances so I expected that when his guts react all over their carpets, Jackson will soon be shoved out of the door.  Will he be able to find his way home then?  He is chipped and has a collar but…


No Tail Jacko & my Niece

I’ve always thought it so important that children have a pet in order to learn about responsibility, kindness and eventually, loss.  I cried my eyes out when their hamster died from a tumour, ziggy’s sleeping and now Jackson. My son summed it up on our way home last evening “Pets love us lots and we have just got to show them lots of love back whilst they are with us”.



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