Working My Inner Granny

I have six different CVs.  This was always a source of great humour for my family and friends; career countdown was how they referred to my long list of work profiles.  I used to get really miffed with their jovial conversations about how I change my jobs as often as my socks, which made me question how often they changed their socks but gave me an answer as to why their feet pong and mine don’t. 


I refuse to continue to work in a place where I get no job satisfaction, and yes so far, in the words of Mick Jagger ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ so rather than depressing myself and everyone around me, I job hop to the next career choice and hope that this time I have found ‘the one’.  This month’s edition of Cosmopolitan magazine has coined a term for people like me and although it’s not the most flattering sounding name, I feel chuffed that it is not a negative issue.  I can now officially refer to myself as A CAREER TART, but I don’t plan on doing that too often; it’s the same as what I was called in high school only without the word career!
I specialise my CVs according to what type of job I am applying for, for example, there was no point listing my beauty qualifications when I was applying for secretarial work but it was worth mentioning when I was applying for my teaching job as it showed I could commit to training.  Likewise when my husband and I applied to buy our franchise of a petrol site there was absolutely no reason to mention my history as a singer/dancer/actress ect in London but it was definitely a positive to mention that I used to work as a business banking advisor and that I had attend many courses which are customer focused.  To me, cut and pasting your CV makes perfect sense, the only people who feel it looks bad are the people who are loyal to one job for 20 years and think that loyalty to a company is very important.  That it was, 20 years ago!
These days job promiscuity is seen as desirable as it shows that you have developed a varied skill set and that you are adaptable to different environments each coming with their own different sets of pressures.  Providing you explain your reasons for having such a varied CV in a positive way and put across your dynamic attitude towards achieving rather than settling, a prospective employer will be impressed.  Trust me I know, as I have seen more than 6 peoples share of them.
My motivation for trying out as many different vocations as I am able is to think of myself as a granny in a nursing home; weird I know but stick with me.  I imagine myself in a home surrounded by other old folk, we are all waiting on our relatives to come and visit whilst half-heartedly watching re-runs of Frost on the telly.  As I sit in my rocking chair I ponder the past or worse believe the past is current.  Do I have enough good memories to keep me amused until my children arrive for their once a week (hopefully) visit, or am I going to sit there with my shoulda, woulda, couldas and try to live through my children’s achievements instead?  No way!
I have tried too may career paths to mention but I have never faltered in my steps.  Every job has given me confidence that I can be whoever or whatever I want to be.  Although several jobs have not been a successful venture financially, on a personal development level I have managed to come out on top. I know when is the right time to get in and when is the right time to get out and that is almost always when there is no challenge or aspiration left in that job role.  Sometimes I move sideways, sometimes upwards and sometimes I move out but so far I have never been sacked.  I always commit to work hard for an employer and look forward to learning as much possible but I know that when my enthusiasm dries up, whether this after six months or six years, its time to move on or risk not only boredom but sub-standard work which is not acceptable to my employer or myself, we both deserve better!
Lets face it, we spend the most substantial portion of our lives in the work place so why allow ourselves to waste that time in stress, disappointment or misery?  When your bad work day stretches into months, and you find yourself staring into space daydreaming of what life should have been like for you, then that is fate saying “get off your bored butt and make me happen, I am what you choose, no excuses” You want to learn new skills but worried about not being able to get work after? Ask the boss for a career break and go back to college safe in the knowledge you have a job to go back to.  Don’t know what you want from your work life? See a careers councillor or even reread your high school year book, what did you want to be back then?  Can’t figure out life in general? Hug a tree (yes you read that right, divine inspiration has been evoked from many a wise old bit of bark).
Everyone should have a positive motto to hold onto, mine is ‘Never regret what you have done, only the things you have never done’ and as long as I ensure I have enough variety to keep my inner granny rocking, then life is working for me! 

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